Upper School Back-to-School

Welcome to Lakeview Academy's back-to-school page for the Upper School. Here, you will find our current plan for returning to campus on August 19, 2020, information regarding remote learning, frequently asked questions, meet new faculty and staff, and much more. Check back over the next couple of weeks as we finalize details for the school year. We cannot wait for you to join us!


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  • When is the Middle and Upper School Back-to-School Open House?

    Virtual Open House for Returning MS & US Students

    Microsoft Teams

    The back-to-school open house for grades 6-12 will be conducted virtually. Students will receive a Microsoft Teams invitation from each teacher in the morning on Monday, August 17. If a student's schedule changes after the teachers send the meeting invitations, please email the new teacher so she or he can manually add the student to the new class meeting.

    There will be a general welcome from 4:00-4:10 and then students will meet with each of their teachers "virtually" according to thier class schedule:

    4:00-4:10 PM    Welcome by Division Directors
    4:10-4:20 PM    A Period meet teacher on Teams
    4:20-4:30 PM    B Period meet teacher on Teams
    4:30-4:40 PM    C Period meet teacher on Teams
    ~ BREAK ~
    4:50-5:00 PM    D Period meet teacher on Teams
    5:00-5:10 PM    E Period meet teacher on Teams
    5:10-5:20 PM    F Period meet teacher on Teams
    5:20-5:30 PM    G Period meet teacher on Teams
    5:30-5:40 PM    H Period meet teacher on Teams
  • When will Middle and Upper School students receive their schedules?

    Schedules are visible on the Lion Portal under the parent and student view. Please be aware that the schedules are a work in progress and will not be official until an email is sent out from the division the student will attend.
  • What is the Annual Meeting and do I need to attend?

    Lakeview Academy's Board of Trustees will hold their Annual Meeting remotely this year via Zoom. During the meeting, the Board delivers a report on the state of the school to all Lakeview families and votes into office new board members. Everyone is invited to attend.
  • When is the first day of school and where do Upper School students go when they arrive on campus?

    The first day of school for Upper School is Wednesday, August 19, 2020, and it is a whole day. The regular morning drop-off will be in place August 19 beginning at 7:45 a.m. Please do not arrive prior to 7:45 a.m. 

    On the first day of school, students should report to their A period class. On regular days, any student reporting before 8:10 should go to the Walters Athletic Center (WAC) and follow social distancing instructions. Classes begin in all divisions at 8:15 a.m.

    Our primary focus must be the safety and well-being of our students, faculty and staff. In order to minimize risk and exposure for our students, this year we will  limit on-campus visitors. Parents, please remain in your cars when dropping off students.

Safety Requirements for All Students

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    Will there be daily health screening for students?

    All individuals (students, staff, faculty and visitors) must make a daily attestation that they are illness/symptom free before arriving on the Lakeview Academy campus. We will be using an app to collect the information. More details to follow.
  • Does my student have to wear a mask while on campus?

    K-12 students must wear face masks while inside, and while they are outside if they are unable to maintain social distancing. For students in K3 and K4,  masks are optional. We ask everyone to put on their mask before exiting their vehicle. Students may remove their face coverings during snacks, lunch, and PE if they are socially distanced. According to the CDC and other health agencies, face coverings combined with social distance and hand washing are the best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

    We understand that prolonged use of face masks could be difficult for some students (especially our younger students), and each division will offer supervised “breaks” for students who need to remove their face mask temporarily, in a safe, physically distanced space outdoors. We encourage students to get used to wearing a mask before school begins.
  • What forms do I need to complete prior to the start of school and where can I find them?

    Prior to the start of school, parents of all students must complete the required, online school forms accessed via the Lion Portal and send in a current immunization record, if one is not on file or your child has had new immunizations. You will receive an email notification when the forms have been published to your portal. To access the Lion Portal, login to the Lakeview website.

    Required school forms include:
    • Student Health (2020-21)
    • Emergency Contacts (2020-21)
    • Permission to Administer Medication (2020-21)
    • Review and update the Student & Family Update form
    • Transportation (2020-21) (for field trips and daily commute)
    • Responsible Technology Use Policy (2020-21)
A culture of health, safety, and shared responsibility will be established and maintained. The simple guidelines: "Protect, Distance, Disinfect" will be promoted. The guidelines below have been carefully considered to address and promote the safety, health and welfare of our entire school community, and are subject to change as new information becomes available.

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    PROTECT- Health Screenings

    We will implement an online screening platform for all individuals (students, staff, faculty and visitors) to make a daily attestation that they are illness/ symptom free before arriving on the Lakeview Academy campus. More details will be shared before the start of school as to how this will be done.

    All students, staff, and faculty are expected to follow the sick policy in the Student and Parent and Faculty/Staff Handbooks and stay home if they are exhibiting any signs of illness. Parents are asked to notify the school nurse of COVID-19 related illness. If symptoms arise during the school day, the individual will be isolated until they can be picked up and/or sent home promptly.
  • PROTECT- Face Masks

    All Lakeview employees will wear a face mask while in shared spaces on campus. K-12 students must wear face masks while inside, and while they are outside if they are unable to maintain social distancing.
  • PROTECT- Handwashing and covering of sneezes.

    Students will be educated in proper handwashing techniques, and covering of coughs and sneezes.
  • PROTECT- School Supplies

    Students must have individual supplies and will be instructed not to share supplies.
  • PROTECT- Signage

    Signage regarding signs and symptoms of COVID-19, proper handwashing, respiratory etiquette and how to properly wear a face mask will be placed around the school.
  • DISTANCE- Campus visitors will be restricted including parents.

    Visits by anyone other than students, staff, and faculty on campus will be restricted. Parents will not be allowed in the school buildings.
  • DISTANCE- Spacing of desks

    Desks will be spaced apart to facilitate social distancing in the classroom. Students will remain in the same groups as much as possible throughout the day. Assigned seating will help to reduce excess exposure.
  • DISTANCE- Cross-divisional student interactions will be restricted.

    Cross-divisional student interactions will be restricted.
    • Lower School students will only be in Ramsey/Hill Hall, Mansfield Hall or the Lower School gym.
    • Middle School students will only be in Singleton Hall or the Student Center
    • Upper Schools students will only be in Wilheit Hall or the Walters Athletic Center (WAC).
  • DISINFECT- High touch areas and classrooms

    Lakeview Academy will continue the practice of wiping down high touch areas periodically throughout the day and deep clean each evening. All classrooms and high touch areas will be cleaned daily by our contracted cleaning company. All desks/tables/chairs in all divisions will be wiped frequently with disinfecting cleaning solution depending on the teaching and lunch schedules.
  • DISINFECT- Hand sanitizer stations

    Hand sanitizer stations will be placed at all building entrances and in designated areas throughout the campus. Bottles of hand sanitizer will be available in every classroom and work area to be used by students, staff, and faculty (NOTE: Lower School students will be washing hands regularly with soap and water and using liquid hand sanitizer.)
  • DISINFECT- Personal hand sanitizer

    We recommend that all Middle School & Upper School students, staff, and faculty bring their own personal hand sanitizer in addition to the ones provided throughout the school.

    • Indoor air will be filtered
    • Ventilation and filtration performance will be verified
    • Advanced air quality techniques & equipment will be considered
    • Plexiglass will be utilized as physical barrier where possible


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    8th grade Spanish and Spanish II
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  • Drew Rogers

    US Math
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  • Tyler Sanders

    US Faculty
    Varsity Boys Basketball
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Face Masks
With the exception of K3 and K4, face masks must be worn by all students, staff, faculty and visitors while on campus. Face masks are required indoors and worn outside when social distancing is not possible. Students in all divisions may wear a face mask of their choice as long as the mask does not include any images or messages that are inappropriate, offensive, and/or political in nature. Face masks must be worn so that they fully cover the nose and mouth (not just cover the mouth, or one side of the face.)

Face mask also must be one of the types listed below:
  • Washable cloth face masks
  • Disposable surgical or medical masks
  • Double layered gaiters made of cotton
  • Dust masks
  • Neoprene masks with a replaceable paper filter
  • Please note that face shields or bandanas may not be used as substitutes for masks.
Faculty and staff have a limited supply of face masks available in case a student breaks his/her mask. Repeated breakages will result in the parents being billed for a Lakeview-branded mask.

Personal Laptop/Tablet
Students in grades 3-12 are asked to bring their own school-supplied laptops or tablets to school each day to help us minimize the sharing of  devices. Laptop/tablet should be taken home at the end of each day.

Hand Sanitizers
We recommend that all Middle School & Upper School students, staff, and faculty bring their own personal hand sanitizer in addition to the ones provided throughout the school.

Water Bottle
Bring a clean, reusable water bottle. Fillable, no-touch water bottle stations will be available throughout the school.

On-Campus Learning

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  • If we choose for our child to attend school in person, can we change our mind?

    Yes, there will be a drop/add period during the first two weeks of school for parents to opt in/out of remote school. After September 2, 2020, we ask that you commit for the remainder of the semester.

    Students who elect to participate in remote learning may still opt to participate in athletics and other school-sponsored activities.
  • Will students wear uniforms this year?

    As Middle School students will not have access to locker rooms to change for P.E. and because the school wishes to encourage students to be outside taking mask breaks as much as possible, spirit wear may be worn Monday through Friday by students in all divisions. Students are also welcome to wear their uniforms, if they prefer.

    What is spirit wear?
    • Full length blue denim jeans,
    • Blue denim capris,
    • Navy pants or Bermuda shorts
    • Khaki pants or Bermuda shorts
    • Orange pants or orange Bermuda shorts
    • Approved Lakeview Academy spirit wear tops.
    What is not allowed?
    • No denim shorts
    • No denim skorts
    • No denim scooters
    • No denim skirts
    • No denim overalls
    • No white pants or skirts
    • In Lower School, leggings are not to be worn by male students.
  • Can students wear a face shield instead of a mask?

    No, please see "Your COVID School Supplies" for approved masks.
  • Does the Upper School have a supply list of back-to-school items?

    During the virtual back-to-school open house on Microsoft Teams, teachers will give their students a list of supplies needed for school. Typically, pencil, paper and laptops are sufficient for the first day of school.
  • My child forgot his book/school project, etc. May I drop it off at the office?

    Visitors and guests on campus will be highly limited and controlled. Parents will not be allowed in school buildings. There will be a cart on the sidewalk outside each Division Office where parents may leave forgotten items. Please call or email the Division Office to let them know the item is there.
  • Will students have access to community water fountains for drinking water?

    To reduce the chance of contamination, the water fountains in the hallways have been turned off. Bring a clean, reusable water bottle. Fillable, no-touch water bottle stations will be available throughout the school.
  • Will breakfast be available for students?

    This year for health and safety reasons, breakfast will not be available by SLA Food Services. We ask that all students eat prior to arrival. 
  • How will lunch be handled?

    Students are welcome to bring their own lunch from home. In addition, Lakeview will offer contactless food service with individual boxed lunches to minimize contact among community members and the food. SLA Food Services will provide a nutritionally balanced lunch that will be served in individually packaged containers and will ensure food safety, sanitation and healthy serving practices.
    • Lower School students will dine in their classrooms where social distancing will be maintained and portable shields will be provided for those students with food allergies.
    • Middle School students will take lunch in the Student Center in assigned seats during two shifts to allow for social distancing. Students with food allergies will be assigned to allergy-specific tables. Classes will take turns during B Period in the Student Center to go on break. Grab and go snacks from SLA Food Services will be available. Bottled water and bottled drinks will be available for purchase during break and lunch times.
    • Upper School students will also take their lunch in two shifts. Upper School students will be socially distanced and eat in the Walters Athletic Center (WAC) in assigned seats. Students with food allergies will be assigned seats only for those with allergies. Weather permitting, Upper school students may purchase snacks from the concession stand at the new athletic facility.
    As we have a number of students with peanut allergies and as Lower School students will be eating in their classrooms, do not pack snacks or lunches containing peanut products.
  • May I drop off my child's lunch if he/she forgot it?

    No, food may not be delivered by parents or outside delivery services to the school. If your child forgot his or her lunch, he/she can buy one from SLA Food Services.
  • What are the restroom protocols for students?

    Each school will communicate their restroom protocols. Students are not to congregate in the restroom. The restrooms and hallways immediately outside in the Middle and Upper School buildings will be marked to ensure social distancing is maintained. In addition to class change and break, students will be allowed to go to the restroom during class as needed.
  • Will students have P.E. this year?

    Yes, students in Lower, Middle and Upper School will have physical education classes. All health department protocols will be implemented and followed. Details to follow.
  • Will there be fall sports in middle and high school this year?

    We continue to abide by the Georgia High School Association’s Coronavirus Guidance Plan for interscholastic sports and competition and to implement additional safeguards of our own with guidance from local health officials to allow for athletes to train on campus during the summer. The GHSA has approved a plan to continue all Middle and Upper School sports, with football season being delayed by two weeks.

  • Will there be field trips and Trip Week?

    No field trips will be scheduled until it is deemed safe for the students to travel into the community. All off-campus and grade-level field trips, including Trip Week, have been canceled until further notice.

Upcoming Events

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Remote Learning

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Student Transportation

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  • Will bus transportation be offered this year?

    We will continue to offer our normal bus transportation routes. Bus drivers and riders will wear face coverings and social distancing will be standard practice on all buses. Bus riders must complete the daily affirmation prior to arriving at their bus stop in order to board the bus.

    Buses will be cleaned and sanitized after each route.

    Please direct any additional transportation-related questions to dorothy.price@lakeviewacademy.org.

Exposure & Testing

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  • Is there a difference in tuition for in-class learning versus remote school?

    Regardless of whether your child attends Lakeview in-person and on campus or uses remote school, the tuition remains the same. The tuition and budget for 2020-2021 was established by the Board of Trustees in January, 2020. The majority of the school’s budget consists of the investment in teachers and staff through compensation, benefits, and professional development. The second largest budget item is dedicated to instruction and student support.

    Remote school students will not be charged for activities fees, lunch, etc.

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